What people say

Ben brought focus and professionalism, with empathy and humour. He quickly developed a strong understanding of the team and put in place an adaptable framework for training events that suits our team’s strengths and delivered clear, practical objectives. Ben is particularly adept at helping teams who have been involved in the fine detail of a project think through long-term strategic questions which we found extremely helpful.
— Vicky. Director of the Reconciling Leaders Network. 2019
We have been working closely with Humantalk over the last 6 months to develop and deliver our internal Management training. Their experience was clear from the get-go and their insight and approach were positively challenging and refreshing. It is fair to say that the interventions we are running now have been taken to a new level after working with Humantalk and are underpinned by a common-sense, conversational and relationship-based approach. The feedback from our managers has been superb. I am looking forward to collaborating with Humantalk again on projects we have on the horizon.
— Dan. Learning & Development Manager. 2019
An engaging, fun and extremely useful day with lots of opportunities to find out more about each individual team member and learn what our collective areas of strength were and where we needed to improve. Very insightful and useful without any boring waffle! Lots of helpful information and great follow-up to make sure we kept motivated beyond the day. Highly recommend!
— Penny, Operations Director. Teamtalk participant. 2019
Insightful, challenging and extremely rewarding. Over a period of six months I’ve been given me the space and skill to analyse my own patterns of behaviour, actions, thought processes and future goals. With renewed understanding of my abilities, I have greater confidence to manage and develop both myself and those working in my team. Whatever leadership skills existed beforehand, it was Ben’s astuteness, patience and expertise that have allowed them to flourish. My experience of coaching was eye-opening and I will continue to think and act upon it.
— Millie. Coaching client. Leadertalk. 2019.
Superb course; extremely well run. Thought provoking, challenging, very positive training. Probably the best workplace training I’ve had.
— Participant, Healthtalk. 2019
Skilled in both learning design and delivery, taking time to really consult and understand a client’s need ensuring the client is engaged and informed throughout a project. Expertise is combined with warmth and generosity. Highly recommended.
— Lisa. Group HR Director. 2018.
A strong grasp of how to bring together different elements and experiences in order to drive growth and change across a sophisticated and diverse senior group of leaders operating in a complex system
— Sam. Managing Director. 2018

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